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Retribution (The Protectors #3) by Sloane Kennedy
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Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Law. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. He wondered if they would ever fade or if he would always be haunted by the faces of friends and family he had lost over the last two years.

He put his hand to his forehead and just for an instant was startled by its cool metallic surface pressing against his skin. It had been a month since he had lost his hand to the Voidborn nanite swarm and he was still struggling to get used to its replacement.

He turned on the small bedside light and looked down at the gleaming gold of his lower arm. He concentrated for a moment and the surface seemed to ripple as the millions of microscopic nanites that made up his limb swirled into a new configuration, the fingers of his hand turning into a smooth flat panel that reflected his face. The boy who stared back at him was very different from the slightly overweight, carefree person that he would have seen in the mirror before the Voidborn invasion.

If you could even call it that, he thought to himself.

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He willed his hand back into its original form, the flat panel replaced once again by slowly flexing golden fingers. He could hear the Voidborn nanites as an almost inaudible hiss in the back of his skull. It was symptomatic of the strange connection that he had with the Voidborn, something that had ultimately proved to be the decisive factor in their defeat. He still did not fully understand why it was that he had the ability to sense the alien creatures in this way—all he knew was that it gave him an edge that other survivors of the invasion seemed to lack. He quickly got dressed and headed out into the snow-covered remains of St. This winter was proving to be particularly harsh.

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Sam paused for a moment and looked up at the colossal Voidborn Mothership hovering above central London. Once it had been a terrifying sight, something that had filled him with dread, but now it was strangely reassuring. That entity was now known as the Servant. It was something neither human nor Voidborn, but for reasons still unclear to Sam, it seemed to be on their side. The Servant could control the Mothership above them, but its connection to the rest of the Voidborn consciousness had apparently been severed completely.

The Servant had assumed a striking human-like appearance as a tall female with golden metallic skin and glowing yellow eyes. The creature stood thirty feet tall and was covered in black segmented bio-mechanical armor.

Its low-slung head swung back and forth, its burning yellow eyes searching for any threat. Just a couple of months ago, being that close to a Grendel would have meant a very messy and unpleasant death, but now this creature and the hundreds more like it aboard the Mothership and patrolling the streets of London were their sworn protectors. It had taken some getting used to. As the two of them approached the entrance to the research building, Dr.

Iain Stirling walked outside to meet them. You need to see this for yourself. It was a sight that Sam had witnessed many times over the past two years. This was the fate of most of humanity, enslaved instantly by an alien signal that robbed them of all free will, turning them into mindless slaves. As they had begun to explore the city more thoroughly, they had discovered hundreds of buildings that now served as huge storehouses for the enslaved millions who had once called this city their home. It was in a place not unlike this that Sam had last seen his sister, lying unconscious on the floor.

He and a handful of others who were immune to the effects of the signal were, as far as they knew, the last human beings on the planet with any free will. It led to a screened-off area at the other end of the room. They looked like hovering mechanical jellyfish; gleaming silver shells covered their top halves and a mass of writhing metallic tentacles hung beneath. The surface of their bodies was illuminated by fine patterns of yellow light.


Once that light had been the sickly green color that was typical of Voidborn technology, but that had all changed when the Mothership above London had fallen to the human resistance. As Sam and Rachel crossed the room, a single row of Sleepers opened their eyes and slowly climbed to their feet, their faces blank. In unison they turned and slowly walked to the other side of the room, where a large cylindrical Voidborn machine sat on a table.

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Retribution book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Retribution (The Protectors, Book 3) - Kindle edition by Sloane Kennedy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

As the first of the Sleepers approached the machine, a hatch slid open on its front and the mute woman reached inside. Donald H Sullivan.

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