The Gemel Ring (Mills & Boon M&B) (Betty Neels Collection, Book 20)

The Gemel Ring (Mills & Boon M&B) (Betty Neels Collection - Book 20)
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It was a marriage of convenience, after all, Lucy wasn't a career girl Unlike her two bright go-getting sisters, Lucy's goal was to find a man she loved and settle down with him to a life of happy domesticity. But Mr. Right seemed to be peculiarly elusive. Until the day that Lucy encounte The professor made it very clear "You have no family, no home, and no prospect of marrying," Duert ter Laan-Luitinga told Venetia, as if she wasn't fully aware of her precarious position.

His solution to the problem took her by surprise. Marriage She was grateful to have Oliver Latimer on hand to pick up the pieces when her father's heart attack suddenly turned her world upside down. And he didn't make impossible demands, even though h Alone in the world, without a job That was Suzannah Lightfoot's unenviable position when Guy Bowers-Bentinck rescued her.

She had to accept his help--though she didn't want to be beholden to such an infuriatingly arrogant man. She couldn't run away from the truth Louise Payne had found it difficult raising two sisters and a brother on her meager nurse's salary. So when a sudden windfall left her a charming house, she was thrilled. Then she learned that the perturbing Dr A deal's a deal, even if it hurts When English nurse Emily Grenfell struck a bargain with surgeon Sebastian van Tecqx, she never dreamed of what lay ahead.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Romance readers around the world were sad to note the The Gemel Ring (Mills & Boon M&B) (Betty Neels Collection, Book 20) - Kindle edition by Betty Neels. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks​. Mills & Boon presents the complete Betty Neels collection. Timeless tales of heart​-warming romance by one of the world's best-loved romance authors.

Sebastian promised to operate on her ailing father--if Emily traveled to Holland to care fo He hardly seemed to notice her Prudence Makepeace had made her own plans for leaving England - she'd applied for a job in Scotland. Yet somehow she couldn't ignore the needs of her elderly godmother, and so relucutantly accompanied her on a holida He had saved her, but he didn't love her.

Katherine Marsh was practically a slave to her brother's family in the small English country village when she first met Dr. Jason Fitzroy - and fell instantly in love. Fitzroy found her a job at t Were Dutch doctors always so arrogant? First of all, Marc van Borsale insisted on driving Claribel home in his Rolls as she waited for the bus one day - then promptly delivered a lecture on how young women should not accept lifts from strangers. She'd never known anyone quite so wonderful Florina welcomed her move to Wheel House. Five years of pandering to the selfish whims of her father had made her long for domestic tranquility and the chance to show off her culinary talents in an appre He was the answer to all her prayers Matilda worked as a nurse in her uncle's busy small-town medical practice.

Though she found caring for her patients satisfying, Tilly was well aware of her need for something greater.

see url Little did she suspect He was willing to wait until she fell out of love Rachel Downing thoroughly enjoyed her work as an operating theatre nurse. Professor Radmer van Teule, a brilliant surgeon, relied on her cheerful efficiency. Only her boyfriend, a television pro Now that the family house was being sold, Meg had to find a job.

But where? Her skills were in cooking and gardening -- not shorthand She needed time - away from him! Likable, sensible Francesca seldom met anyone she didn't get along well with. In fact, as ward nurse of a Costwold village hospital, she was considered perfect. Except, it seemed, in the eyes of Dr. If only two weeks could turn into a lifetime Charity's job as a typist at St.

Augustine's Hospital certainly kept her busy, be she long for something more--something exciting in her life.

So when the renowned Professor Wyllie-Lyon offered her a Rose's sensible looks hid a real romantic! Their first meeting was accidental. Rose and her holiday companion, Sadie, lost in Amsterdam, knocked on the nearest door for directions. They were impress, He was a bad-tempered annoying, arrogant man!

And later encounters with Julius van Tacx only confirmed Josephine Dowling's first impression.

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Grabbing her bag again, she fished for her cell phone, this time finding it. The End. Sir and immediately asks him to come see her at A Dress Show in Cheltenham and then dinner Could she settle for less than love? Herb Macklefinger is the local Herbsman. Not Once But Twice.

Nothing about Julius fitted her image of an ideal husband. He greatly disturbed Josephine's usually ser Vienna was enchanting, like another world It was everything Cordelia hoped it would be. She couldn't say the same for her charge's uncle, Dr.


Charles Trescombe! He regarded Cordelia as plain and dull and sensible. She looked at Charles with pit Why was he talking to her about love? Julia was puzzled by the austere Professor van der Wagema's remark that there should be more to life than working at St. Anne's Hospital in London. She had no illusions about their life together Phoebe accepted Dr. George Pritchard's proposal because it was the sensible thing to do.

He hadn't offered her love, only understanding friendship, and that seemed enough. She didn't love him eithe Could she settle for less than love? Professor Gideon Beaufort tried Deborah's good nature severely. He reviled her future as a trained nanny, destined to settle for a permanent post caring for other people's children. But was his proposal any She wanted him for herself Eugenia knew what surgeon Gerard Grenfell needed: a woman who would never feel threatened by his devotion to his work at London's St.

Clare's Hospital; a woman who would love him to distraction. And she was that woman. Together they'd faced both crisis and death Clotilde had worked with Dr.

James Thackery at London's busy St. Alma's Hospital for three years, but she'd never regarded theirs as anything more than a solid professional relationship. Then tragedy Working for Professor Sam Gervis was difficult enough, even if you hadn't fallen in love with him. But Polly had. Luckily she was realistic.


Sam was engaged to the lovely Deirdre, and besides, he would never look twice at She thought she'd finished with romance. After the breakup of her engagement, Prudence eagerly accepted Dr.

Benedict van Vinke's offer of a job in Holland. It seemed the perfect opportunity to begin an entire new life.

What she wasn't prepared Would he ever see how she truly felt? Katrina had known Lucius Massey all her life, and her childish hero worship had grown into a comfortable, warm friendship. She and Lucius had become engaged just to teach her selfish sister Virginia a lesso Her family had to come first To keep her small family together, Isobel Barrington managed to make ends meet -- just! Her mother had only a small pension and her younger brother had to be educated somehow.

How dared he interfere with her life! Celine Baylis had worked out her whole future. But her well-planned dreams were shattered when Oliver Seymour came into the picture. With his infuriating self-confidence he began to make all her decisions No one could envy her position As Lady Manderly's companion, Jemima responded cheerfully to her eccentric whims and demands. But then Jemima Mason was capable of coping with almost anything.

The exception was her employer's nephew, Professor Al Annis Fothergills disliked him on sight Jake Royle was too good-looking, too rich and too self-assured. Then a sudden shared grief broke down Annis's defenses against his attractiveness. Jake's sudden marriage proposal made no pretense of love She shared his life but not his love What would she do?

Sadie was suddenly alone in the world, and her cottage home would have to be sold. But luck was with her, for Oliver Trentham, the television screenwriter who had bought the cottage, re Perhaps her dream of love was only a dream "Working nights in a London hospital is no life for a young girl! In a way, Judith agreed, but what else could she do? Marry Ni Love wasn't part of their bargain Renting their house was the only way Euphemia could salvage her family's muddled finances.

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If only the tenant had been someone she liked--anyone but Dr. Tane van Diederijk, that disturbingly abrupt man It was more than a family matter Duert ter Brandt disapproved of Christina's relationship with his brother, Adam, and he made sure they both knew it. True, he didn't stop Chrissy from coming to Holland to work near Adam - but he made it A new place, a new job--and a new love! Louisa did want desperately to get out from under the roof of her disagreeable stepmother, and she couldn't bear the thought of marrying Frank, who bored her.

So after finishing nursing school, she jump at t How could anything so right be so wrong?