Growing Your Own Turtleneck…and Other Benefits of Aging: And Other Benefits of Ageing

Raising children near their grandparents has scientific benefits (besides the free babysitting!)
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Older women should celebrate entering their Power Age, how to be healthy on a vegan diet, creating links and legacies through landscape in central Victoria, and the hunt for the perfect minimum chips. This [series episode segment] has image,. Some of us complain about one bad nights sleep, but for 15 per cent of the population chronic insomnia disorder is interrupting much needed pillow talk. There's growing evidence that our increased time indoors is leading to ill health, whether it be at home or in an office.

Plants could be the answer. You and a colleague share the same title at work.

14 gifts mama actually wants this holiday season

When your colleague is ill, you are expected to juggle both roles, and it's impacting your mental health. How do you quit your job? Have you been told certain topics of conversations 'aren't PC'? Do you feel like you have to bite your tongue before you give your opinion? No matter where you live, even if you're hundreds of kilometres from the sea, every town has a fish 'n' chip shop. And it turns out that everyone has an opinion on the most prevalent item on the menu - minimum chips. Getting older is usually viewed in negative terms.

With increased age, our mental wellbeing can suffer too. Children like to know about their past. But what if you've been separated from your culture and kin?

An Indigenous-led organisation is stepping in to fill this gap for Aboriginal children in foster care, providing mentoring, connections to culture and practical help, like lessons on how to cook. Veganism is on the rise but there are concerns that an increase in vitamin and mineral deficiencies could follow. Let's find out what constitutes a healthy vegan diet. Suburb-shaming is rife in every town, in every city - even in regional areas.

So, why do we do it? And how does it impact the people who call that place home? Author Kelly Doust says that while getting older has never looked so good, for many women later life can be fraught with challenges. She wants to change the narrative for older women in a culture that worships youth rather than experience. Monash University is trading on our sense of doom by kicking us awake in a pop up exhibition called A Future Without Change.

If you could convert your full time job to a four day week, would you? How do you think it would affect your life? Whilst digging through wills from the early 's settlers, Bettina Bradbury came across the story of Caroline Kearney. A small country town is connecting with its Indigenous past and present and creating an environmental and cultural legacy for the future. Fiona Gruber went to Yea in central Victoria, where an award-winning wetlands and water discovery centre have reimagined a pre-colonial landscape, creating a community resource and a bridge between cultures.

A full night's sleep. Privacy in the bathroom. The opportunity to eat your dinner while it's still hot. Time to wash—and dry! A complete wardrobe refresh. While we can't help with everything on your list we're still trying to figure out how to get some extra zzz's ourselves , here are 14 gift ideas that'll make you look, if not feel, like a whole new woman.

Even when you're sleep deprived. When winter hits, one of our go-to outfits will be this tunic-length sweater and a pair of leggings. Warm and everyday-friendly, we can get behind that. These high-waisted straight-leg jeans have secret smoothing panels to hide any lumps and bumps because really, we've all got 'em. Whether engraved with a child's name or date of birth, this personalized necklace will become your go-to piece of everyday jewelry.

This wear-with-anything soft pink sweater with delicate eyelet details can be dressed up for work or dressed down for weekend time with the family. Versatility for the win! For mamas who sleep warm, this PJ set offers the best of both worlds: cozy flannel and comfy shorts. Plus, it comes with a coordinating eye mask for a blissed-out slumber. You can't give the gift of relaxation, per say, but you can give a gift certificate for a massage or spa service, and that's close enough! This featherweight long-sleeve tee is the perfect layering piece under hoodies, cardigans, and blazers.

Gone are the days of removing toasty gloves before accessing our touchscreen devices—thank goodness! Make multiple trips to the microwave a thing of the past with a app-controlled smart mug that'll keep your coffee or tea at the exact temperature you prefer for up to an hour. Our new favorite flannel boasts an easy-to-wear drapey fit and a flattering curved shirttail hem.

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Stay warm while looking cool in this iconic jean jacket, featuring teddy bear-soft fleece lining and a trendy oversized fit. Practical and stylish, this cozy scarf adds a pop of color—well, colors —to any winter ensemble. This digital picture frame is perfect for mamas who stay up late scrolling through their phone's photo album to glimpse their kiddos being adorable. By sending them to this smart frame to view throughout the day, you can get a few extra minutes of sleep at night!

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Busy mamas will appreciate that this supersoft, super versatile Merino wool sweater is machine washable. This article was sponsored by GAP. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and Mamas.

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Frozen 2 is the highest-grossing animated movie ever and the box office isn't the only barrier it is breaking. When it comes to depictions of masculinity in pop culture, Frozen 2 is melting hearts all over the internet.

How to Massage Your Face to Look Younger

Just like in the first film, the leading male, Kristoff, isn't charging in to rescue the princesses. Instead, he's supporting the people he loves, expressing his emotions and being Twitter users and cultural critics are loving Kristoff's story arc in this sequel. TV and Pop Culture Writer Not Dominick, of Buzzfeed, said it best, tweeting: "Okay, but can we talk about how Kristoff sang a power ballad about his feelings, told Anna that his love isn't fragile, AND asked Anna what she needed during battle and didn't tell her to step aside so he could protect her.

I love it all so much.

He asks her what she needs during a crisis. If that isn't great modeling of a healthy relationship we don't know what is. Frozen star Kristin Bell has been dropping hints about Kristoff's awesome story for awhile. During a press event for the film she told reporters that at one point in Frozen 2 Sven tells Kristoff 'You feel what you feel and your feelings are real.

More Elderly Find They Can't Afford Not to Work

Props to Anderson-Lopez for writing a song about feelings for Kristoff and props to actor Jonathan Groff for bringing Kristoff to life. We need more characters like Kristoff because our boys need to know that it's okay to feel. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods after they were recalled.

Motherly reached out to TJX, the company that operates these off-price stores, and a spokesperson stated TJX is committed to fixing this issue.