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If smoke or fire expands to other locations, additional devices are activated and alarms sound on additional floors for evacuation.

Fire escape

Only the floors where the announcement is heard, and strobes are flashing need to evacuate, although the decision is up to you. If you hear a fire alarm, please evacuate your office suite immediately, depart the building and go to the assembly place your organization has designated. Every occupant needs to be familiar with exits and fire apparatus in the building. Fire drills are conducted at least once per year.

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There are fire pull stations located at the entrance to the stairwells and fire extinguishers located in areas around the elevators. Familiarize yourself with the fire exit stairwells and where you enter them as well as where they terminate by walking down them at least once, so you know where they exit the building.

here Elevators automatically return to the first floor, discharge any passengers, and are then reserved for use by the fire department. When furnishing an office, consider the fire potential of materials used in large amounts, like overstuffed chairs, settees, couches, or anything that could become a combustible item. Such furnishings should be flame proof.

Fire crews race to tenement blaze in Edinburgh following reports of smoke coming from window

Download PDF. A list of your disabled or persons requiring assistance. A completed Tenant Contact Form. Location of your designated Area of Refuge. Preparation Every occupant needs to be familiar with exits and fire apparatus in the building. Fire Prevention Tips Do not accumulate quantities of discarded files or other paper trash in your office or storage area.

Pay special attention to housekeeping in departments that produce quantities of debris, such as copy rooms, mailing and receiving rooms.


These include the potential sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen. As a pioneering international fire safety retailer, Safelincs can provide fire escape ladders to suit all requirements. Please check this page often for updates. This information includes, but is not limited to, your browser type; mobile phone, tablet or other device type; computer or mobile operating system; the domain of the website that referred you to us; name of your Internet service provider; web pages you visit on the Services; IP address; geo-location information; and standard server log information. Customer loyalty rewards. Sign in.

Where potential for fire is especially high, such as supply rooms, tenants may wish to consider installing additional fire extinguishers. Third, this is a tight business target virtually confined to new high-rise buildings—not a market that includes retrofit of existing systems in older structures.

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If you were in a highrise building when a fire started on a floor below, are you . If the ground floor catches on fire, what's the safest way to escape a burning. Make sure everyone in the house knows about the fire – shout and get everyone and if you're on the ground floor, go out of a window – throw bedding or.

So, should you forget about this for now, or is it an opportunity for ECs to get into the emergency egress elevator market on the ground floor? What then, should the EC be looking for generally, and what specifically might be his or her role? People have to be told both with signage and voice alarm what to do and when they can use the elevators. This elevator emergency egress codification started years ago, has been refined, and is now in place.

However, there are few buildings, if any, with these systems up and running. As a matter of practicality, owners and architects might consider that it is a lot more cost-effective to build in one of these new systems at the start, because who knows what the requirements might be in the future?

It took a while to develop them, but we have little experience in running these new evacuation-elevator systems. We all have a lot of learning to do.

Fire Escape

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