Emotional Sobriety II

Emotional Sobriety II (Soft Cover)
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It has been condensed for purposes of this newsletter; however, you can obtain the full workbook document, and audio from the links at the end of this posting. Our lives, and the lives of all to come, depend squarely upon it. Without unity, the heart of A. It is also the bridge from the Steps to the Traditions. This is where we stand today. At the turning point. The mystery of the Serenity prayer is that it addresses the three basic needs of the human being.

Willing, feeling and thinking. Willingness is developed through the Steps. We step with our feet and this corresponds to the will to act.

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This is where we begin. The Traditions correspond to the heart. These are the actions, or one could say, the Steps in Action. Action is associated with the hands and the arms, how we hold hands together as a group is one example. This connects us to the heartbeat of our program, as was quoted earlier that without the Unity from our Traditions the heart of AA would cease to beat. This is the furthering of our wisdom and how we may birth this divine structure into the World at large conception.

Emotional Sobriety II; Next Frontier

God grant US the serenity to accept the things WE cannot change This is how we position ourselves; our acceptance; our Steps; our willingness; our vertical act of standing up while being right-sized; the limits of the masculine principle; the triangle; the stillness in front of the things we cannot change; the restored body which has become willing again. This is our experience.

The courage to change the things WE can This is about the heart, the emotions, and of action. The heart and breath being fully active for the entirety of our life; the Traditions; the horizontal reaching out to others; the feminine principle; the circle; the motions that are needed to change the things we can; the soul; the restored heart which is able to feel again.

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In , Bill W. Chris S speaking at the 3rd Annual Keeping the Spirit Alive conference in on the chapter of Working with Others it ends a bit abruptly but he was wrapping up as it does you do not miss anything of value. The most dangerous emotions for people in recovery include:. Kratom Addiction Treatment. Since the brain changes are profound and take many years to normalize, addicts early in recovery often relapse due to decision-making impairments. Instead of dealing with who we are.

This is our strength. And the wisdom to know the difference. This is about Integration. The Wisdom, the joining of the horizontal and the vertical; the feminine and the masculine; the Steps and the Traditions; the self and the others; the circle and the triangle; the Concepts branching out into the World; the restored thinking of the clear mind; the Spirit.

This is our Hope. We drank when we felt happy, and we used drugs when we were upset. Becoming physically sober is a process, and so is learning to overcome our emotions and adapting new coping skills to regulate feelings. We must think first, but live easy. No matter who you are, recovery or not, living in the moment is tough. The past is the past, and now the only way we can move is forward.

Being present and living in the moment can become empowering.

by Allen Berger, Ph.D.

By doing this we can find peace with our past actions, and not overthink about what the future holds. Interpersonal connections. Whatever you want to call it, that was something that hardly existed during an active addiction to substances. However, when we get sober and shed those that we thought were friends, we can form new relationships where one can talk through stressors and emotions without leaning on the relationship of alcohol and drugs that we used to have.

Once these bonds begin to form, one can develop commonalities and we can begin to see people for who they really are, as well as they see us. These type of bonds can help us reconnect with friends and those that were once close to us. In addition, those who are newly sober can form deep bonds and re-establish their relationship with themselves.

Self-reflection along with interpersonal connected-ness is a staple of emotional sobriety. Being emotionally sober means seeing our struggles as beneficial and grief as a necessary tool to grow. I had come to understand my limitations where others simply believed the sky was the limit.

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I would move ahead and feel the success from taking action when others were stunted still by ego, self seeking fear or self seeking motive.. I had my own brain sure and could not deny my own emotional security welling up inside me.. I wanted to be a decent man.

Emotional Sobriety: Bill Wilson’s Fourth Legacy

I had an ideal of sorts. What a decent man was?

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This was mine and not a standard for everyone else. I had seen myself as the thief. The delusional manipulator. Hanging onto anything that would offer an emotional security boost. The user, taker.

The survivor. Could I really let it all go?

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Really change? I believed I could. It was happening seemingly by default. It hit me one day. Life for me sober was all about learning how to give. To give without expectation.

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Offering myself. My life after the Big Book 12 Step initial work.

http://pierreducalvet.ca/41916.php My willingness, surrender. My honesty, my sobriety. My message to the hopeless man like myself who has been rescued by AA and offered a new and healthy way of life. Let it happen today. Let the original Spiritual path become a broad hi-way. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact Sober Nation's Confidential Hotline If you are seeking drug and alcohol related addiction rehab for yourself or a loved one, the SoberNation. Prove You Are Human! Who Answers?