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The Untold History of the United States, Volume 2
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Mercifully, such passages are rare. Switek delivers the science with sobriety but he tells the human stories with zing and laconic humour, to bring to life the complexities of his theme. The collector Albert Koch, for instance, went into the sea serpent business in He unearthed monstrous fossils in the American mid-west and claimed to have found the biblical Leviathan. The fossil was not just a real find, but an over-enthusiastic composite of several finds in different states of ossification, and the monster's paddles were cephalopod shells. In the end, the thing turned out to be a whale. The biblical Behemoth, too, puts in an appearance. Goaded by an observation of the Comte de Buffon that America was a brutish, infertile place fit only for degenerate creatures, Thomas Jefferson packed his Notes on the State of Virginia with details of the size of bear, deer and domestic cattle, and sent Buffon the skin of "an exceptionally large cougar".

Later, as president, he also set the Lewis and Clark expedition the challenge of discovering a mysterious monster known only from its bones and tusks. This turned out to be the mastodon, the North American match for the Siberian mammoth.

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Books Written in Stone: Volume 2: Enoch the Seer, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Last Days [J. Marc Merrill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Books Written in Stone: Volume 1: Enoch the Seer, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Last Days [J. Marc Merrill] on Only 2 left in stock (more on the way).

This book, too, is a mammoth achievement — it is after all not just a sounding of deep time but a dive into m years of the fossil record. The logic of Switek's argument is that some of what he writes, too, will turn out to be wrong, but probably not as wrong as the verdict delivered to the American Philosophical Society in that the tusks and bones were those of a lurking carnivorous elephant that pounced like a monstrous feline.

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It's that time of year again. Our reviews will begin on Monday 19 November. Readers will also get the chance to win all the shortlisted books in a competition. This cat and mouse story is fast paced and so sexually charged!! He likes to be in control of every aspect of his life and believes he is until a chance meeting with one Krystina Cole and it knocks him for a loop because he can't figure her out, so therefore, he's not in control.

But, he will put forth amazing effort to remedy that issue!! Krys is a college graduate looking for a real job.


The frantic search for answers takes the investigators back to Three Pines and a stained glass window with its own horrific secrets. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Instead there is Alabaster Tenring, destroyer of the world, with a request only Essun can grant. Dom Philippe kept his eyes closed. His wife, Reine-Marie, sat across from him on their balcony. A strong sense of place, a multilayered plot, and well-crafted and for Penny's fans, familiar characters combine for a thoughtful, intriguing tale.

She temporarily works for Wally's grocery until she can find a job in her field. She's setting up displays and that's where she meets Alexander when she makes a complete idiot of herself.

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She went back to work to just get her phone, so she could enjoy her afternoon off. She's got the good angel, bad angel on her shoulders and the bad angel is doing the happy dance at this God in front of her. I loved everything about this book!! The characters were amazing!

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Alexander is such an ass, but oh my gosh, he is a God!! Krys puts him in his place more than once and it drives him nuts and it's part of what makes this book so electrically charged!! I look forward to seeing what the next book in this series will be like! Jan 17, J. This was definitely an interesting book to say the least. I thought at first it was another BDSM book, about an overbearing alpha male and an innocent young virginal girl clinging to him. But Krystina had spark to her and wasn't afraid to express her feelings. Alexander, however, I did not care for.

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I felt he was an annoying character who did not come off as being protective, more like he was a bossy ass and sometimes I felt his dialogue did not fit his character. But overall, the novel was writ This was definitely an interesting book to say the least. But overall, the novel was written very well and author definitely created a vivid look into the BDSM world.

Shelves: romance , contemporary , series , alpha-male. There's not a bad thing I can say about it. I even loved their friends ally and matteo. This book delivers in a huge way.

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And Alexander's eyes I need to get myself a man with a pair of those! But when is the next book coming out????? I'm dying here! Please review, ask questions on my author page, or contact me through my website. I'm all about engaging with fellow authors and readers! I hope you enjoyed Heart of Stone. Stepping Stone is the next book in The Stone Series - be on the look out for it soon!

I enjoyed the book. It's not a typical FSOG story Yes there is a BDSM theme but I guess the focus was not just on the lifestyle but more of finding ones self and growing especially after a difficult past as the heroine, Krystina, experienced. The novel read well and the author took her time to research and write her novel. Krystina speaks her mind elements I do enjoy in a Romance novel.

Alexander is full of riddles and mystery and I loved the author did not rush into the heroes past and give thi I enjoyed the book. Alexander is full of riddles and mystery and I loved the author did not rush into the heroes past and give things away. The author may tease you a bit or give you hints in terms of Krystina and Alexander past but it is important to let the characters confess their demons and past to the readers which I thought was brilliant in the story.

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I had my surprises and shocks along with laughs. I do not want to give too much, hence, I would get into Spoiler territory. I cannot wait to read the second and third installment of this novel. Dakota Willink I feel has a promising career in writing. First impression is lasting impression and the novel and her writing did just that. Congrats Dakota Willink. Awesome read!!! Can't wait for the next book. Happy reading everyone!

May 06, Carvanz rated it it was amazing Shelves: hero-is-controlling , part-of-a-series , male-pov , audio-for-review , complicated , bdsm , buy-more , lots-of-sex , mild-angst , my-kind-of-alpha. Both were able to switch smoothly from male pov to female pov without a disruption in my enjoyment of the story. When emotion was called for both of these narrators allowed their voices to flow with the f Audio-book: Narrators — Lacy Laurel and Jeffrey Kafer These narrators did an exceptional job!

When emotion was called for both of these narrators allowed their voices to flow with the full depth of characterization. I could not have asked for better rendering than this duo. I really enjoyed this story. The characters are each holding secrets that prevent them from looking for a full committed relationship. However, once Alex and Krystina begin their arrangement the chemistry between them is too much to ignore and they begin to sink into a deeper intimacy.

I did struggle some with the trust issue. While Krys eventually shared her secret, Alex did not, would not. And yet, he was the one who continued to remind her that their relationship required trust.