The Elephant’s Revenge and Other Stories (Children’s Book Series 2)

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During the First World War Kipling wrote some propaganda books. His collected poems appeared in Rudyard Kipling died on January 18, Originally told by Rudyard Kipling to his children at bedtime, this compendium of witty tales imagines how animals came to be as they are now. Discover how the massive whale got a tiny throat by swallowing a mariner, how the lazy camel got a hump so that he had no excuse not to work, and why the leopard's spots were painted on.

Kipling's imagination runs wild as he creates charming origin stories that still enchant and delight children to this day. This edition features Kipling's iconic original illustrations. In a vividly drawn India of the late 19th century, orphan Kimball O'Hara is on the cusp of manhood. Living as a beggar, it isn't until Kim befriends an aged Tibetan Lama that his life transforms: the old man is on a quest to find the legendary River of the Arrow and achieve Enlightenment, and together they embark on an adventure through this impoverished, beautiful, chaotic nation in the grip of the Great Game, the conflict during which the British and Russian Empires raced to control Central Asia.

But when Kim becomes a pawn in the Game, he must face the most difficult choice of all: his companion or his country? First published by Macmillan in , Kim is one of the first and best espionage stories, an exciting and richly-told adventure classic from the author of The Jungle Book and Just So Stories. Project X Origins Graphic Texts can help children to reach higher standards in comprehension.

This graphic retelling of The Jungle Book brings a fresh look to a well-loved classic. After being separated from his parents, Mowgli is taken in by a wolf pack. However, danger is never far away as his sworn enemy, Shere Khan the tiger, is out to get him. If he is to survive, Mowgli must learn the law of the jungle.

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Will his friends be able to help him? This book also contains notes on the inside front and back covers with advice on supporting older children with their reading, ideas for follow-up activities and higher-level comprehension questions. This exciting poetry collection, told in graphic form, makes poems come alive for a modern audience. Each poem is presented in both in graphic and text-only versions.

Come on an exciting journey with this collection of Rudyard Kipling's poems. From the famous 'If' to the great machines of the Industrial Revolution, these poems will delight any reader. Every page showcases beautiful illustrations packed with charm and detail that will enthrall younger children. They have been carefully retold to appeal to younger readers, and the book has been produced on thicker paper to help little hands turn each page more easily. Get lost in the jungle with these dazzling tales of adventure!

The Jungle Book is a collection of stories by Rudyard Kipling, originally published in magazines in the late s. These stories, which have enchanted generations of readers, include Mowgli's Brothers, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and Toomai of the Elephants, among others. With illustrations by Edward and Maurice Detmold, this beautiful, vibrant clothbound hardcover is unabridged and makes a great addition to every home library.

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The Knickerbocker Classics bring together the essential works of classic authors from around the world in stunning editions to be collected and enjoyed. These stories, first published in , are pourquoi stories: fantastic accounts of how various phenomena came about. With a beautiful cover and chapter-heading illustrations throughout from queen of colouring Johanna Basford. The Jungle Book tells the story of the irrepressible Mowgli, who is rescued as a baby from the jaws of the evil tiger, Shere Khan.

Raised by wolves and guided by Baloo the bear, Mowgli and his animal friends embark on a series of hair-raising adventures through the jungles of India. Mowgli movie fans will fall in love with this beautifully illustrated classic! Since its inception in , The Jungle Book has enchanted readers-both young and old-with its invaluable moral lessons.

This collection also features other classic stories, most notably Rikki Tikki Tavi, a story of a young mongoose named Rikki, who serves as a protector from dangerous cobras for a British family residing in India.

In this masterful tale, the young mongoose is forced into a ferocious battle with Nagaina, a large venomous cobra threatening Rikki's family and seeking revenge for the death of her counterpart, Nag. Featuring stunning, all-new illustrations by renowned artist Angel Dominguez, this version of Kipling's masterpiece is a beautiful edition sure to continue to educate and inspire readers for decades to come. Set in the surroundings of his Sussex home, Bateman's, Rudyard Kipling's sparkling storytelling perfectly captures the myth and mystery of the English countryside.

Top 10 Times Animals Held Grudges Against Humans And Took Revenge

Plucking figures from history to weave his magical stories, Puck takes the children from the Norman conquest to the signing of the Magna Carta. This delightful collection of stories and poetry is a classic to treasure. Mowgli's story comes to life in this classic retelling of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, featuring beautiful, vibrant illustrations by Migy Blanco. Mowgli loves living in the jungle with his wolf family and his friends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther.

He's been learning the ways of the jungle ever since he was a little boy. But when the tiger Shere Khan tries to turn the pack against Mowgli, making him feel unwelcome, Mowgli realizes he may not belong here after all. But what will happen when it's time for the boy to leave the wolf pack that raised him to go live with his people?

Mauglit, a csupasz emberkolykot, a farkasok nevelik fel. Akela, a farkasok bator es igazsagos vezere, Ka, a bolcs oriaskigyo es Balu, a medve segitsegevel Maugli a farkas falka egyenrangu tagja lesz, teljesen otthonossa valik a dzsungel vilagaban. Az alla. Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves learns more of life and survival in the Indian jungle in the company of well-loved characters such as Baloo the brown bear and Bagheera the black panther.

Including three further stories of life in India, this rich collection of adventure, fable and poetry from the master-storyteller and illustrated by his father, John Lockwood Kipling, is a classic to treasure. This beautifully produced colouring book contains all your favourite characters from Rudyard Kipling's classic story - Mowgli, Baloo the Bear, Bagheera the Panther, Kaa the Snake, not forgetting the terrifying tiger, Shere Khan.

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Many of the drawings in this book were inspired the original illustrations by Kipling's father, J. With additional decorations and drawings based on traditional Indian designs, and with panels of text from the original story, this book will give hours of colouring fun, and is a wonderful introduction to this well-loved tale and Kipling's unforgettable characters.

As the original publisher of The Jungle Book in , Macmillan is publishing this book is part of a range of titles to celebrate the th anniversary of Kipling's birth in Printed on high-quality paper that will take crayon, paint or felt pen.

With a beautiful cover, this edition of Rudyard Kipling's much-loved classic is a book to treasure. Meet Mowgli, a human baby raised by wolves in the jungle. As he grows up, he is surrounded by incredible creatures: Father Wolf and Mother Wolf, Bagheera the panther, Baloo the bear - and his nemesis, the cunning tiger Shere Khan Whether it's the danger, survival or friendship, Mowgli the man-cub has to learn the ways of the jungle in this exciting adventure If you want to swing from the trees, fear the pouncing tiger or be captured by the Monkey-People, then The Jungle Book is definitely the story for you!

Not only does this edition include the complete, unabridged texts of these classic tales, the comprehensive questions will engage even the most reluctant of readers. Les douze elephants du gouvernement se balancaient a leurs piquets devant les vastes ecuries aux murs de terre une voute, large comme une arche de pont, pour chaque bete remuante et les mahouts preparaient le repas du soir.

Une annee, leur mais ne rendit pas et deux ours passerent la nuit dans leur unique champ de pavots, qui etait juste au-dessus de la vallee du Sudledge, sur la rive de Kotgarh. Aussi, a la saison prochaine, ils se firent chretiens et apporterent leur bebe a la mission pour le faire baptiser.

Gloriously illustrated with line artwork, with a specially commissioned foreword by Katherine Rundell and a ribbon marker, this beautiful hardback Macmillan Classics edition of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, which was first published by Macmillan in , is a truly special gift to treasure. Bring to life the classic story of The Jungle Book with this exquisite cut-paper gift edition.

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Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book is brought to life with this exquisite three-dimensional cut-paper gift edition, beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway medal-nominee illustrator Nicola Bayley. Presented in a slipcase, the book unfolds to reveal twelve of the most famous moments in the classic story about the man-cub Mowgli, from his upbringing among the wolves and his lessons in the Law of the Jungle from Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther and Kaa the python to his clash with the evil tiger, Shere Khan.

Die Figuren aus Rudyard Kiplings Dschungelbuch, erschienen, verzaubern nicht erst seit Disneys Zeichentrickklassiker ein Millionenpublikum und begrundeten den Weltruhm des englischen Nobelpreistragers. Die schier grenzenlose Fantasie, der spruhende Witz und nicht zuletzt die umfangreiche Kenntnis der indischen Tier- und Pflanzenwelt machen den magischen Reiz dieser Geschichten aus.

A stunning edition of Rudyard Kipling's century-old classic stories about Mowgli the man-cub, illustrated in exquisite detail by Nicola Bayley. First published in , these three stories tell of Mowgli's upbringing by wolves in the Indian jungle; his lessons in the law and language of the jungle from Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther and Kaa the python; his kidnap by the Monkey People and his clash with the evil tiger, Shere Khan.

Illustrated in ravishing full-colour and exquisite detail by award-winning artist Nicola Bayley, this is a book to treasure for ever. The Jungle Book is a collection of stories. The tales in the book are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons. Rudyard Kipling was an English short-story writer, poet, and novelist. He wrote tales and poems of British soldiers in India and stories for children. The Just So Stories for Little Children are a highly fantasized origin stories, especially for differences among animals, they are among Kipling's best known works.

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The Elephant's Revenge and Other Stories (Children's Book Series 2) - Kindle edition by Kalyani Kurup. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC​. The Elephant's Revenge and Other Stories (Children's Book Series 2) eBook: Kalyani Kurup: Kindle Store.

In it, Mowgli hears the story of how the tiger got his stripes. The Just So Stories typically have the theme of a particular animal being modified from an original form to its current form by the acts of man, or some magical being. For example, the Whale has a tiny throat because he swallowed a mariner, who tied a raft inside to block the whale from swallowing other men. The Camel has a hump given to him by a djinn as punishment for the camel's refusing to work the hump allows the camel to work longer between times of eating.

The Leopard's spots were painted by an Ethiopian after the Ethiopian painted himself black.

The Kangaroo gets its powerful hind legs, long tail, and hopping gait after being chased all day by a dingo, sent by a minor god responding to the Kangaroo's request to be made different from all other animals. Kim Kimball O'Hara is the orphaned son of an Irish soldier and a poor Irish mother who have both died in poverty. Living a vagabond existence in India under British rule in the late 19th century, Kim earns his living by begging and running small errands on the streets of Lahore.